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Critiq connects your essays to great reviewers so you can focus on the thing that matters most - improving your writing.

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Feature 01

Quality Reviewers

Critiq connects your writing to the best set of eyes so you can produce exemplary writing.

Feature 02

Modern Editing

Critiq’s advanced essay drafting interface is equipped with many features to give you the freedom to format your essay the best way possible.

Feature 03


Our matching algorithm prioritizes your input to find the reviewers that will help you the most.

Feature 04

Streamlined Interface

Our simple interface provides easy essay retrieval and a smooth editing process.

Feature 05

In-Depth Analysis

Critiq provides the tools for reviewers to thoroughly analyze and revise your essay so that you can perfect your writing.

Feature 06


We know that you're tied up with fees and costs elsewhere. Critiq will always offer its peer-review service for free.

Collaboration at its finest

Critiq's process is simple and efficient - from the moment you submit an essay to when you receive the edits, we've got you covered.

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    How Critiq Works
    A walkthrough of how the system functions.
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    Submit an Essay
    Submit your essay to Critiq through our editor, and label it under one of the supported tags.
  • timeline
    Rating Algorithm
    Critiq's algorithm will then match you with the best person for you, based on your assigned rating and how you have rated people in the past.
  • grading
    Critique an Essay
    You’ll look over, edit, and give feedback on that person’s essay, and they’ll do the same with yours. Afterwards, you’ll be able to rate the quality of your match’s edits, so the algorithm can match you with an even better fit.
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    Recieve the feedback
    Once you and your match have finished revising and giving feedback on eachother's essays, the feedback will be shared and you will be free view all comments, additions, deletions, and suggestions made on your essay.

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